Hormone Replacement Therapy for Aging Men

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Aging Men

Hormone replacement therapy is a pretty hot topic among bodybuilders and men struggling with the symptoms of aging.  Hormone replacement therapy or HRT involves using synthetic hormones that will allow your body to produce higher levels of testosterone, progesterone and estrogen.  This therapy was originally designed for people suffering from low hormones due to one condition or another.  It quickly caught on among the aging population giving them the energy and stamina of someone much younger.  Then came Hollywood, where stars of both sexes are constantly on the lookout for ways to look younger.  HRT is seen as today’s fountain of youth.

Aging Men

When men age their natural levels of testosterone decreases while the production of estrogen increases.  This is why middle aged men start to see less muscle, increased fat, gynecomastia and other health issues that go along with aging.  They take HRT in the hopes of reversing all of that.  In order to get a prescription for HRT you must see a doctor and demonstrate a realistic need.

HRT is very controlled and just telling your doctor that you’re starting to get a middle aged spread won’t be enough.  Most patients will have to undergo some testing along with an examination to find out which, if any of your hormones are out of balance.  Once all the tests are done and it is determined that you do in fact have a lack of testosterone then you will start the therapy.

The Therapy

When you are first diagnosed and begin dealing with your hormone imbalance you may start off with Aromatase Inhibitors which will offset the rise in estrogen.  It is the same treatment that is used to help steroid users negate spikes in estrogen when testosterone levels drop suddenly.  Ameridex is commonly prescribed but it can be very expensive.  There is also Femara and Aromasin that is used and they have proven to be more potent.

When Aromatase Inhibitors don’t work for you then prohormones like Adione are often used.  Unlike testosterone, prohormones won’t convert to estrogen.  This means that they can successfully boost your testosterone levels, improve your quality of live without the side effects that go with the changes in estrogen levels.

The Transdermal Patch

The last step in correcting your low hormone levels is transdermal testosterone.  You can get patches you put on, similar to nicotine patches, and they are very effective in raising the testosterone levels in the body.  Bear in mind that they can shut down your own body’s ability to produce hormones, so if you end up using transdermal patches you may be on them for life.

You need to work with your doctor to find the right hormone replacement therapy that works for you.  This is just a starting point, ask lots of questions and see that if hormone replacement therapy is the right treatment for you.